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People found from a Search

After running a Search on People, a list of Persons will appear.

Clicking the Actions box will allow you to Add multiple People (if selected) to a Case, Add multiple People (if selected) to a Task, Add a Note to Selected People, and Merge People as well.

Clicking the Export box will allow you to export all People, or People you Select to either a .csv (comma separated value) file, or directly to a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx).

If you’d like to choose the results you want to export that you found from your search, highlight them by clicking anywhere in their row, then click the Export box and choose either Selected or Selected-Excel.

Click the Options box to display the drop-down Options menu. From here, select which columns of information you wish to see displayed. If you don’t want a column displayed click on its name and it will be removed (not permanently) from the list. For example, Alias, Middle Name, Deceased, Juvenile, Race etc. have been removed from the Search results below.

Click on any box at the top of the list you would like to sort by. For example, click Date of Birth and the list will be sorted by that. Click Date of Birth again, and the list will be sorted in reverse order.

From the list of Persons you just obtained, you may now click the View box next to their name which will take you to the Person View screen. From here, you will see information relating to that person such as their first, middle and last name.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Person View screen, you can Add an Address for this person by clicking the Add Address button. If there are multiple addresses, you can Set one as the Default. You may also click the Notes Tab to add Notes relating to this person. Or you may click the Cases Involved Tab to see which Cases this person is associated with etc.