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On the Item View page, under the Media tab, you will see Media associated with the particular Item you have brought up if there is any.

If there is no Media associated with the item, you have the option of Uploading Media to the Item.
Simply click the Add box, then Drag and Drop your files into the marked box or click the Upload Files box and make selections.

Once your Media has been successfully uploaded, you will see a Thumbnail picture of it.
The Media may now be downloaded by clicking the downwards pointing arrow with a line under it in the Name column.

You may also view the Media CoC by clicking the Details box. This will take you to the Media Chain of Custody page where you can view the Case Number the Media is associated with, the File Name of the Media, when the Media was uploaded etc. You are also able to view metadata associated with the Media.

There is an option at the top of the page to generate an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file should you need it.
Simply click the Save as PDF button, and the file will be downloaded to your local machine.

More information regarding Media can be found by listening to our webinar:

SAFE Sessions 3 - Media and On-Premise File Server @