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On the Item View page, under the Cases tab, you will see Cases associated with the particular Item you have brought up.
You may view a Case by clicking the View box.

By clicking the Actions box, you may Add this Item to a Task by clicking the Add to Task box or you may Mass Update the Cases this Item is related to.

By clicking the Reports box, you may print a Report by clicking in the Print Case and People only field until you see a blue checkmark. You may then select a Report and print it.

You also have the option to click the Export box.
This will allow you to export all your Cases, or Cases you Select to either a .csv (comma separated value) file, or directly to a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx).

Finally, from the Menu Customization box, you can choose how many Cases you would like displayed by choosing the Page Size and/or what Columns you would like to display.