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Editing an Item and Manage Cases

1. You may Edit any Item assuming you have appropriate Permissions to do so. From the Case View, Items Tab, click the checkbox next to the Item.

Next, click the Actions box and choosing View, or simply click the View box in the Item's row.

Once you View (the Item), you may select Edit to Edit that Item's information.

2. The Manage Cases feature found in the Actions menu, will allow you to Add an Item to another Case assuming you have appropriate Permissions to do so.

After clicking Manage Cases, you will be shown this pop-up.

You may now Add this Item to another Case. Simply enter a Case in the Add to case field (The Primary Case this Item belongs to has a yellow star next to it).

You may also Remove an Item from a non-Primary Case by clicking the red “x” next to the Case Number.
You may also Add the Item to another case by supplying a valid Case Number in the Add To Case field and clicking the Add to Case box.
When you are finished, click the Finish Editing box.

Note: When changing an Item’s Primary Case by moving the Item from one case to another, duplicate Item Numbers may be created!
For this reason alone, we suggest using the Org # on labels for example. The Org # will never have a duplicate unless an Administrator has created one!