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Items Found from a Search - Individual Items

After running a Search for an Item, a list of Items will appear.
Highlight an Item you’re interested in by clicking the checkbox next to View, then clicking the Actions box, or simply click View to examine the individual item’s attributes.

You will be taken to the Item View screen Basic Info Tab.

Fields on the Items Found from a Search - Individual Items Screen

Org # - The Org # is a system assigned ascending Item # for every Item in the system. It gives you an idea of how many Items you have entered. Since the system allows you to Move Items from one Case to another, it is advisable to use the Org # since it will be a unique number no matter what Case the Item is in (see Editing an Item and Managing Cases for more information).

Item # - The Item # (Agency Item Number) is a sequential, ascending number any Item(s) are assigned by the system when they are entered into a particular Case.

Cases - This is the Case(s) this Item belongs to.

Status - This field will show if the Item is checked in or out etc.

Recovered At - This is the location the Item was Recovered At.

Recovery Date - This is the Date the Item was recovered.

Recovered By - This field shows who recovered the Item.

Storage Location - This is where the Item is currently located. This could be a safe or temporary locker for example.

Submitted By - The person who submitted the Item.

Category - The category this Item belongs to.

Custody Reason - The reason for having this Item.

Serial Number - The serial number of the Item, if it has one (may or may not be shown).

Model - What model the Item is (may or may not be shown).

Barcode - The Barcode field consists of a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier which is a unique 128-bit integer number). This number uniquely identifies the Item it relates to.

Make - What make the Item is (may or may not be shown).

Description - A brief description of the item.

Item Belongs To - To update who this Item Belongs To, type one here and select Yes.

Custodian - Who is the custodian of this evidence?

Parent Items - Parent Items will be displayed here (only if they exist).

Child Items - Child Items associated with this Parent Item will be displayed here (only if they exist)..

Tags - A searchable label any User can create that is attached to a Case or Item for the purpose of identification. Click anywhere inside the Tags field and start typing to bring up a list of available Tag options (which have already been entered) to choose from.

Buttons on the Item View \ Item Page

Edit - Allows you to edit the item.

Actions Box - From here, you are able to perform many functions such Check Out or Move an item.

Reports Box - From here, select a report or label you would like to run on the selected item.