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Undispose an Item

As an Org Admin, why Undispose? Because when you Undispose an Item, you are checking the Item back in, and a Chain of Custody entry will be added to that Item.

For example, if you accidentally disposed a credit card that had fingerprints on it, when it was actually on a shelf in the furthest reaches of your evidence room. Or, you accidentally disposed a hard drive that (unbeknownst to you) someone had sent to the lab for analysis. These are just a few of the possible reasons to use the Undispose function.

If you wish to Undispose an Item(s), highlight the Item(s), then choose Undispose Item(s) from the Actions menu.

This will take you to the Check-In Items screen.

You may now fill in the Returned By field as well as any other pertinent information you'd like to. You may also capture a signature etc.
When you're finished, click Ok.

You will now see the previously Disposed Item as now being Checked In.