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Transferring Items

The purpose of Transferring Items (to a Person OR User) is the process of Checking Out an Item that is ALREADY Checked Out.
For example, you can Check Out an Item to an Officer who can then Transfer that Item to a lab for testing.
When going through the Transfer process, the Officer can document Notes regarding the Transfer, and obtain a signature from the lab via a cell phone or tablet with internet connectivity.
To Transfer an Item(s) to another Organization that uses SAFE (for example), first make sure that Item has been ‘Checked Out’.
Next, select the Item(s) you would like to Transfer and choose Transfer Item(s) from the Actions menu.

The Transfer screen will then appear.

Fields on the Transfer Screen

Transfer From - This is the person currently logged into the software who is transferring the Item.

Transfer To - Type the name of the Organization you are transferring the Item to. This is a Required field.

Notes - You can type notes in this field.

Signature - Anyone transferring an item may provide a signature (via Touch Screen or Topaz Signature Pad if either of those options are enabled by your administrator, or simply signing via mouse to maintain the Chain of Custody. If chosen, this is a Required field.