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Moving an Item from one Office or Org to another

If you are moving evidence to another Office or Org within SAFE, simply follow these steps to complete the transaction.

  1. Check Out all Items that are being transferred from the Office they currently reside in (Actions > Checkout, from an Item List view or the Scan area of SAFE).
  2. Switch the current Office to the Office you would like the Items transferred to
  3. Go to the Scan page (select System from the drop down if being transferred from another office, leave as Current Office if within the same office.)
  4. Scan all Items that are being Checked In
  5. Complete the Check In process by going to Actions > Move and Moving those Items to a more permanent Storage Location within the Office you're currently in.
    This action will now Move these Items from the originating Office / Org into your current Office / Org.