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Media Storage Folders

The Media Folders feature allows for better organization of your Media by allowing you to create folders and subfolders.

Within the Media tab (Case or Item level) you start with a blank 'Root Folder'. From there you can create as many subfolders as you like.

Creating a Folder
At the Case View (shown), each Case Folder level has a + button at the far right of the folder. Simply click this + button to build a new subfolder.
To create further sub locations click on the new folder name and the + button for that folder.

As shown below, a Subfolder named Crime Scene Photos has been created underneath the Root Folder.

Removing a Folder
Each row, when clicked, has an option to delete the folder by clicking the "x" to the right of the "+" and pencil icons.

If you delete a folder with Media already stored in the folder, you will be presented with the option to Delete that Media or move to the root folder.

Moving an Already Created Folder

Click this icon and drag the folder up or down to move it's position within a folder or to another folder. Moving a folder will maintain the Media stored within.

Rename a Folder
Click on the Folder name and then edit (far right) to rename.

Adding Media to a Folder
Click on the folder where you want the Media placed and then click the Add button. This action will place the Media in the selected folder. By default, all Media will be placed in the Root Folder if you don't make a selection before clicking Add.

Moving Media to another Folder

To move Media that is already in a folder, simply select the Media (or multiple Media entries) and then go to Actions > Move to Folder.

Click move and your Media will now be in the new folder.

In addition, the move of a piece of Media will show in the Media CoC that the move took place.

The following permissions in Settings > Permission Groups are applied to each of these actions.

  • Create Folder - Create Media
  • Edit or Move Folder - Update Media
  • Delete Folder - Delete Media