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SAFE On Premise Installation Specs Published

The following are required specs for installation of the SAFE software product in a client facility. A SAFE technical representative will complete the installation of the system for you (as long as you can provide remote access). If you require a representative to be on-site for the installation please notify your sales contact.

General Overview

Safe is a true browser-based, client/server style application. Users will use a web browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to login to the website (server) and pass data back and forth via the web browser.

More specifically, users will connect to a website (web server) which will communicate directly with the database storage mechanisms.

Data flow will look similar to this:

Client Machine -> Web Files (ie or -> API Infrastructure ( -> SQL Database (port 1433), Mongo (port 27017) Database, ElasticSearch (port 9200) or Media Storage Server (port 80 or 443).

Server 1 - MsSQL, Mongo Database and ElasticSearch Server

  • MS SQL 2014 Standard Edition or Above. (Do not use Express or Workgroup unless you are aware of the limitations and accept these limitations.) (Also, you will need the Enterprise version of SQL if you plan to implement failover)
  • During the setup your installation tech will install the most current free version of Mongo DB and ElasticSearch.
  • Windows 2016 server or better
  • Virtual or stand alone servers are fine.
  • We recommended at least 16 gig of ram.
  • Plan to start with 100gb of hard drive space and expand as necessary
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you setup additional machines for hot failover scenarios. Please talk with your installation tech if you plan on doing this. This setup will require additional machines.

Server 2 - Web Server and Service Machine

  • Windows Server 2016 or better
  • Virtual or stand alone servers are fine.
  • Minimum .net Framework 4.7.2 is required
  • We recommended at least 16 gig of ram.
  • We recommended at least 100 gig (virtual machines where you can spin up new hard drive space should start with 20gb) of hard drive space available for the Tracker system. The initial load of the web files and database are very small, roughly 200mb
  • Please talk with your installation tech if you plan to have multiple IIS machines for hot failover.

External Mail Server

The Safe system needs to send email notifications for account setup, changes, and other email-related functions. We need to be able to send these emails to an available mail server.

Server 3 / Media Drive - Storage for media

Safe supports the ability to point to any network storage device for storage of all media. Depending on the amount of media you want to store this drive can get quite large. Most will monitor the drive use and increase size as necessary.

Desktop Requirements (Web Client)

Tracker requirements for desktop machines are very minimal. A machine that runs a current version of Microsoft Edge / Mozilla's Firefox / Google Chrome, or Apple's Safari will work. Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported due to security reasons.

System Backup

Clients are responsible for backup of all data. In an onsite setup we will NOT have access to your servers and can not monitor or verify the backup process. If you do not want to be responsible for backups or lack the resources and process to manage data backups, we highly suggest you use our cloud-based system where we take care of that.
  • Backup SQL, Mongo, and ElasticSearch databases.
  • Backup all media files stored in the system