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SAFE Mobile App - Settings

After logging in to the SAFE Mobile App, if you click the 3 horizontal bars in the top lefthand corner of your screen, you'll be taken to the Nav Menu.
You may then click Settings to go to the Settings section.

On the Settings screen, you will be shown Settings that have been stored in the system.

Some Users may need to log into their Private Cloud Domain.
They may do so by clicking Settings, then the Selected Domain dropdown, and choosing their Domain.
If a different Domain other than Secure ( is chosen, the User will then need to specify which URL to use.
Finally, the Media Upload Service URL will also need to be specified, should you wish to upload Media.
The default Media location is: (
Once done, click Add.

If SAML is being used, click in the Use SAML authentication field to activate it.

If you have SAML set up, you may see this message when trying to log in.