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SAFE Mobile App - Tasks

After logging in to the SAFE Mobile App, if you click the 3 horizontal bars in the top lefthand corner of your screen, you'll be taken to the Nav Menu.
You may then click Tasks.

In the Tasks field, you may see a white circle with a number inside of it.
That number represents the number of open Tasks you have awaiting you to do something with.

On the Tasks screen, by default, you'll be shown any open Tasks you have.

To Add a Task, click the blue circle with the white plus. You'll be taken to the Add Task screen.
On the Add Task screen, you must enter a required Title and Message.
You may also choose a Due Date, Users and Groups to assign the Task to, and Linked Objects such as Cases or Items.

Once you have filled out any pertinent information, you may click Save.

You will then be taken back to the Tasks screen, where your Open Task will be shown.
To view Closed Tasks, click the Closed radial button.