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Searching Cases in the SAFE Mobile App

After logging in to the SAFE Mobile App, if you click the 3 horizontal bars in the top lefthand corner of your screen, you'll be taken to the Nav Menu.

From the Nav Menu, clicking Seach Case will take you to the Case Search page.

From there you may start typing a Case number. This is a type-ahead field, so the more you type, the list of available choices will be narrowed down.
Once you find your Case, click on it.

After clicking on your Case, you'll be shown the Basic Info page for that Case.

You may then click on the Items Icon to see what Items are in that Case and what state they're in (Checked In, Checked Out, Disposed etc.).
You can click on any Item to see the Details of that Item.

After clicking an Item, you'll be shown the Details of that Item.

You may click the Transactions Icon (orange circle with a white lighting bolt) to either Duplicate or Split that Item.

You may click on the People Icon to see what People are associated with that Case.

You may also click the Media Icon to see what Media has been attached to this Case.
If you would like to add additional Media, you may click the blue circle with the white plus sign and add that Media.

Additionally, if you click any pieces of Media which are shown, you'll be given the opportunity to Download them.