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Technical Overview of Login Email Warning

Reason for Email Alert

For security purposes, we send an email to the user email address we have in the database when a login of the account occurs and we do NOT recognize the computer (or have stored the computer ID) of the computer being used to log in.

In some cases, users will get this email every time they login. In this guide we are going to explain what triggers this email, from a technical perspective, and some of the problems that may be involved in the process (like not getting emails or getting too many emails).

Sample Email

Device ID

When a user logs in to the Safe system, we store a random GUID "deviceid" into the browser cache on that machine.

If a deviceId is NOT present on login, then we assign a deviceId and send the login warning email notification. If the deviceId IS present, then we confirm that we have this deviceId on record and that it matches. If it is present and matches, then no email is sent.

Why you might not get this email

In some cases, spam prevention systems will pickup and classify this email as spam or not allow it to be delivered to the recipient. Make sure you whitelist the email address and / or allow emails from [].

When you get this email too often

If the local computer deletes all browser cache when you logout of machine, a new email will be sent each time you login. If you change the computer settings to not delete this data, it won't be a problem on the next login.


Q: What if I login to different browsers on the same machine
A: Since we store the deviceId in the browser cache, if you move from one browser to the other, a email will be sent for each browser login.

Q: What if I login to multiple machines
A: Currently, we only store one machine ID in our database. So, unfortunately, if you frequently move machines, an email will go out each time you change machines.