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Performing Transactions

After viewing the Scan Result of your Scanning, you may click OK.

To begin a Transaction, select one or more Items from your list. You can click the Double Check at the top of the screen to select all Items on the list. You can also Remove Items one at a time by swiping left or click the trash can icon to Remove all Items.

Next, click the Transactions Icon to perform a Transaction on the selected Items.

You may now choose which Transaction you'd like to perform on the Items you've selected. Like the SAFE web app, you can only perform Transactions if the selected Items will allow the Type of Transaction you desire.

For example, I cannot Check Items In since they're already located in a Storage Location. I cannot Transfer Items since they're not in a Checked Out state, and I cannot Undispose (any) Items since none of the Items I scanned was Disposed.

For this example, I've chosen to Check Items Out.

I've entered who the Items will be Taken By, the Reason for the Items being taken, and I have added a Note to provide further clarification of what was done with the Items.

You may also choose to enter an Expected Return Date and/or capture a Signature.

Transactions will allow for touch screen signature capture or you may even Upload Media at this point, where you've used the camera to take pictures.