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Downloading and Logging into the SAFE Mobile App

Downloading and logging into the SAFE Mobile App is very simple!

Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and Search on SAFE Evidence Management.

Next, download the App to your Android or iPhone.

Do not change any other settings unless advised by Tracker Support or your Administrator.

Note: You may NOT be logged into the Web and the SAFE Mobile Application at the same time.

After opening the App, the Login screen will use your same Email Address and Password from the SAFE Web Application.

If using IoS you can set fingerprint login or Face ID. Go to Settings to enable Fingerprint authorization.

Some Users may need to log into their Private Cloud Domain.
They may do so by clicking the Selected Domain dropdown and choosing their Domain.
If a different Domain other than Secure ( is chosen, the User will then need to specify which URL to use.
Finally, the Media Upload Service URL will also need to be specified.
Once done, click Add.

If SAML is being used, click in the Use SAML authentication field to activate it.