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Release v30

Folders and Subfolders for Media storage

Feature Details

Person type changeable for a case person

Feature Details

Edit Org Id, Item ID

Feature Details

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 2857 CustomForms Number field applies Decimals only when Number format = Separator
  • Bug 2816 Importer issue - translations need two entries because capitalization is incorrect. Set so that caps format does not matter.
  • Bug 2849 Custom Form "None" format option is not working
  • Bug 2888 Legacy Tasks Import Issue
  • Bug 2861 Data Import Error
  • Bug 2805 Handling a large number of locations. Modified code to better process locations in Settings > Storage Locations
  • Bug 2870 Case typeahead is not working on single click for Change Primary Case
  • Bug 2883 Media Count is not displayed in the Root folder for Person
  • Bug 2801 Additional barcode field is not displaying in cases/items
  • Bug 2854 Duplicate email check is not showing message to user
  • Bug 2881 Error when selecting cases tab in item view - across offices
  • Bug 2876 Custom form attached to old model type
  • Bug 2874 When adding multiple media, ensured that media is correctly added to db
  • Bug 2894 Cannot delete system alerts
  • Bug 2892 Source person is not removed from the search list