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v49 through v56 Releases

v49 through v56 Releases Release date: November 2018 to February 20, 2019.

Over the past few months, we have been doing a lot of cleanup to the Safe system. We have rolled out 8 different releases (some combined) that contain mostly bugs and backend issues. This release guide will cover the Major and Minor additions (only) for these versions.


Minor Features

  • #3842 ⁃ New Permission: If Owner
    Tools > Permission Groups has two new options. You can now allow Media and Thumbnails to only be shown if the logged in user is the owner of the media or thumbnail. If set to 'If Owner', the user will only see those options if they are the owner.

  • #3954 ⁃ Media: Complete Delete
    Uploading media files now has the option to remove (completely) a media file that might have been accidentally uploaded. As long as you delete before leaving the upload screen. Select the media and then go to Actions > Permanently Delete. Once completed there will be no trace of the uploaded file.

  • #3955 ⁃ Media: Update from Grid
    You can now update the media Category and Description directly from the view grid.

  • #3840 ⁃ Report Builder Media Enhancements

Bug and Hot Fixes

  • 300+ bugs, hotfixes and minor UI changes.