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v47 / v48 Release

Release Date Wednesday, November 21, 2018, at 4am ET
On-Prem clients can received by Dec 5, 2018.

Major Features

  • #3520 ⁃ Store Media Against Transactions
    When performing a transaction (check in, check out, move, disposition) you can now load media files to be stored against the transaction. The is especially useful if you have a picture of an ID or a PDF receipt to be attached.

  • #2355 ⁃ X Translations Per Org
    The translation file in Settings > Org > Translation can now be set for individual offices. For some of our clients with offices in the (i.e.) US, France and Japan, you can now have a separate translation files for each of these offices and users in these offices. Prior to this update the single translation file was applied to the entire Org.

  • #3365 ⁃ Person merge solution
    You can now merge multiple people at one time (vs one person at a time). Go to Search > Persons and do a search for the people you want to merge. Select all the persons you are merging into the other user and go to Actions > Merge Into. Now select the parent person and click ok.

  • #3602 ⁃ Transaction > Disposition update
    When doing a disposition, the ‘Disposed By’ option is no longer hard coded to the user logged in. You can choose from any user in your system. This will also show the user you selected in the chain of custody.

  • #2999 ⁃ Discrepancy Report
    Discrepancy reports now allow you to insert notes for line items that show up as a discrepancy. This is helpful for discrepancies that have been resolved and you want to indicate on the report.

  • #3521 ⁃ Task Media
    A task now has a Media tab which allows for attaching media to a task. Open the task, select the media tab and upload your media.

Minor Features

  • #3475 ⁃ Export Media Count
    Item exports now include a media count (how many pieces of media are attached to an item

  • #3635 ⁃ Export Custody Reason field
    when exporting items, we now include the Custody reason field.

  • #3724 ⁃ IP Lock: logging
    when we log an invalid login, we now log the attempted email address.

  • #3750 ⁃ Media Count column for Transactions
    now that you can store media against a transaction, we now show the count of all media within that transaction on the transaction search and view screen.

  • #3634 ⁃ Discrepancy Report
    no item to scan, you can now scan a location in a discrepancy report that does not have any items. This will ensure that the location shows on the report.


  • #3543 ⁃ [Item History] "Belongs To" field is red when not changed

  • #3612 ⁃ Person Update Bug: person name in related Items Belongs To field not updated

  • #3619 ⁃ Field Settings - Review Date & Review Date Notes are removed from the list in Settings -> Organization -> Field Settings -> Case

  • #3630 ⁃ Locations with duplicate names - "Error message appears -> ""You cannot move multiple locations with the same name to the same root level location or sublocation"""

  • #3654 ⁃ Importer Legacy CoC Issue - Default value is displayed after turning back to saved import.

  • #3662 ⁃ Translation Error Mass Scan - card from Sprint 44 - """The translation text, ""You can add up to 500 barcodes or serial numbers at a time, 1 per line"" is displayed in Mass Import list box."

  • #3667 ⁃ Validate case offense description field-Card from Sprint 45 - "Offense Description field (while adding Case) can accept up to 10000 characters, Review Date Notes also. Validation is present for Edit, fields mentioned above accept up to 10000 characters."

  • #3668 ⁃ Item Belongs To Not populated for Export - Card from Sprint 45 - "Item Belongs To field is present in exported file for Items, it also has values visible."

  • #3671 ⁃ Deactivate Office With Active users - "- Not possible to deactivate Office with active Users - Possible to deactivate Office with no active Users - Possible to deactivate Office with all Users inactive"

  • #3672 ⁃ [Settings➤User Admin➤ Edit User to change office]: Error ID = 636725301967244725 - "No error is shown after editing particular user (Changing Name and current Office). -> This is checked on APAC server Checked also on DEV server, same behavior as above.

  • #3673 ⁃ Technical error is not displayed for the end user when click on the error message - "During this testing circle, no technical error occurred and couldn't be caused by any action so far."

  • #3677 ⁃ User Admin default to Active - Card from sprint 45 - Default list when opening User Admin page is Active (Users).

  • #3697 ⁃ How do we disable a custom field drop down value if we don’t want to use it? - Card from Sprint 45 - "After adding new form with details provided and attaching it to one particular Case, all values from fields are visible in view&edit mode. Then after putting option 1 (in form) to read only and attaching the form to another Case, only option 2 and 3 are visible in view&edit mode."

  • #3698 ⁃ Media Folders Fix - Card from sprint 45 - "No expected result is provided, but compared to provided actual result: - Folder(s) and file(s) in Case from particular Office can be viewed from another Office - There's no error appearing while creating a new folder under Media tab in Person View. Files can be uploaded successfully. "

  • #3699 ⁃ Blocked IP - Card from sprint 45 - IP is locked for 1 minute. - "After performing Item transactions, history badge value changes depending on how many transactions were performed."

  • #3223 ⁃ Item History tab badge - "After performing Item transactions, history badge value changes depending on how many transactions were performed."

  • #3713 ⁃ [Search=> Persons=> Merge] Merging person throws an exception- There's no error while merging two persons. - "It's possible to add/edit/deactivate/activate tag(s) and console is clear of errors."

  • #3717 ⁃ Tools > Tags: errors on add / edit / deactivate tag - "It's possible to add/edit/deactivate/activate tag(s) and console is clear of errors."

  • #3722 ⁃ Refresh takes you to the Dashboard bug - User is on current page after refreshing.

  • #3728 ⁃ Custom Forms: Disabled Option - User is unable to select read only option.

  • #3729 ⁃ User Admin Exporter Bugs - - Permission Groups and User Groups have values. - Verified column has YES/NO values in exported file.

  • #3730 ⁃ User Admin Bs-Grid bug - Search works properly no matter the page.

  • #3739 ⁃ Exporter - Exception for User Export - There's no error while exporting all Users ordered by field "Organization".

  • #3768 ⁃ Discrepancy Reports - Not visible- Created Report is visible in the list.

  • #3731 ⁃ CoC Disposal Method Printing Bug

  • #3773 ⁃ more descriptive error for importer mapping errors - "I need to know how many and which fields exactly should be in file to be imported."

  • #3605 ⁃ [Add Cases] Unable to save a case after enabling the fields in case the enabled fields are not filled in

  • #3803 ⁃ Office Switch Bug - "Quick note about steps: Step 2 is incorrect, should be ""Log in to Office A, since the Case was created in Office B and Edit button is visible from Office B, not from Office A. Step 4 is also incorrect, following those steps, user is currently in Office B, so it's not possible to switch the Office to itself."

  • #3519 ⁃ Store Media against Tasks - Uploading files in Tasks - Media tab is possible. - "Unsuccessful attempts are counting and warning message is shown, but user has 5 attempts instead of 3 which are mentioned in description. "

  • #3614 ⁃ Count for Wrong Password Attempts - "Unsuccessful attempts are counting and warning message is shown, but user has 5 attempts instead of 3 which are mentioned in description. "

  • #3615 ⁃ Wrong Password Ban Period- After 5 unsuccessful attempts, user is locked for 1 minute.

  • #2898 ⁃ Improve Typeaheads - "There are only 10 typeaheads shown, even though there are more confirmed results."