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Media Sub Folder Search


  • The two searches described here can be used to obtain media sub folders along with a count of the items within each sub folder.
  • Note that this is not intended to return the detailed information on each piece of media.


Two endpoints can be used to return case media subfolder information -

In the first GET you must supply a valid case id within your organization. This can be supplied in the url in place of the # sign.

The second GET can be used by providing a valid case number from your organization. This can be supplied at the end of the url in place of the XXXX-XXXX-XX .

The above endpoints both return the same data in the same format.

Here is a screenshot of a case media tab in our system:

Image title

here is my request using a case id:

and here is my request to search by case number:

Both endpoints will return the following data:

Image title