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v39 Release

Release Date Wednesday, May 20, 2018, at 4am ET


  • #2589 ⁃ BS Grid - Multiple Views (Case, Items and Persons)
    Not only do you now have the ability to more extensively customize your case, person and item view menu's but now you can create separate views. A great use of this feature is to have a General View (all the basic info you want to see) and then Currency, Firearm or Drug view. As you switch the views you will get fields that you setup related to that view. This will prevent you from having to create one field with many custom fields that may be blank for the types of items you are viewing. From any Case, Person or Item view, click the Views button to copy the existing view and customize as you desire.

  • #2525 ⁃ User Admin - Office View
    For clients that have more than one office in your Org, you can now allow specific users to have access to User Admin but only for offices they have access. User Admin is now a option in Settings > Permission Groups so that you can allow users other than Org Admin to control User Admin. Note! If you allow a user this User Admin access in Permission Groups, they will have User Admin access to all offices they have access too.

  • #2930 - Some options in Settings have been moved to Org Tools menu We tried to clean this Settings menu up a bit. We are going to leave any Settings (one time setup) options in here but more commonly used admin functions will now be in Tools.

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

  • #2587 ⁃ User Admin now has a switch to show inactive users in drop down menu
  • #2312 ⁃ Optional Disable Ruxit
  • #2542 ⁃ Display custom fields in items search
  • #2588 ⁃ Security permissions for data importer
  • #2596 ⁃ #3204 Export History Search is broken
  • #2599 ⁃ General Forbidden
  • #2604 ⁃ From the Item View, highlight Checked Item lines to show which line Items have been selected.
  • #2644 ⁃ On Premise - Get url from Amazon
  • #2665 ⁃ BsGrid custom fields issue
  • #2695 ⁃ "Choose at least one office to search on" error
  • #2721 ⁃ Default Report Templates
  • #2745 ⁃ Notes count broken
  • #2792 ⁃ Report Writer Should Group By Case, then screen order
  • #2652 ⁃ JS Error: "Unable to get property '2' of undefined or null reference Stack: Detected minified file 34/7704"
  • #2653 ⁃ JS Error: "Cannot read property 'data' of undefined Detected minified file 58/6581 C:\code\Tracker\web\app\organizations\settings\org-media-allowed-types\org-media-allowed-types-controller.js line 51"
  • #2725 ⁃ Auto-focus
  • #2747 - BUG - Setting external user to Org Admin
  • #2799 ⁃ Move Remove Column icon

Hot Fixes (already in production prior to this release)

  • #2621 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Change Color
  • #2623 ⁃ (Hot Fix) 4x3 label alignment
  • #2630 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Bugs in new Media View from Case Level (when add a new file)
  • #2655 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Avatar broken in Tasks
  • #2657 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Change new Media Count
  • #2702 ⁃ (Hot Fix) - Translation for Active in User Admin
  • #2738 ⁃ (Hot Fix) - On premise Error in Media Tab
  • #2760 ⁃ (Hot Fix) APAC User Admin translation
  • #2766 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Tasks count in Case view is not right
  • #2772 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Dashboard count issue
  • #2773 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Tasks Count was incorrect
  • #2779 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Scan page broken for specific Org's
  • #2781 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Report Headers duplicating
  • #2786 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Remove client custom fields on Grid
  • #2774 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Case Search Grid broken: Getting no columns in my results. Tons of Console errors
  • #2802 ⁃ (Hot Fix) Report Builder Issue: Client has a report with item info in item section, and CoC info in the item footer section. They want this footer to print for each item in the report, but it is only printing for the first item in the report. Note that this works as expected for items in different cases"