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v37 Release

Release Date Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at 4am ET


  • #2364 ⁃ Media View at Case Level (v38 will include Notes and Tasks)
    With this update, you get a count of all Media for all Items at the Case level view and you can see all Media for Case and Items within the Media view. This allows you to know which Items have Media (or total Media count) without having to view each Item within the Case.
    In this Case View example (Media Tab), the 3 indicate's that there are 3 pieces of Media at the Case level and there are 4 total pieces of Media within all the Item's in that Case.

  • #2366 ⁃ Item Details Display
    When viewing an individual Item, we now display the Item # on the tab so that you always know what Item you are working with.

  • #2338 ⁃ Case Importer / Updater Items
    Data Importer now supports updating existing Case, Persons or Items. Requires GUID ID for each update which can be exported from the stem.

Bug Fixes

  • #2434 ⁃ Fixed Auto Dispo Reorganize Cases was slow with over 100k cases

  • #2318 ⁃ #2308 Case Edit
    Tags field fixed.

  • #2398 ⁃ Fixed IE11 issue with slow Tasks

  • #2407 ⁃ Fixed Saved searches issue

  • #2435 ⁃ Slow CoC and printing

  • #2444 ⁃ Case Edit broken

  • #2453 ⁃ *Hot Fix* Google Authenticator broken

  • #2465 ⁃ Pop-up blocker notification broken was not showing for blocked pop-ups

  • #2477 ⁃ Report Writer was showing FALSE for checkbox

  • #2491 ⁃ CoC Report was missing signatures

  • #2496 ⁃ *Hot Fix* Task subject was truncated in detail view* is not working in APAC

  • #2506 ⁃ Fix Margins

  • #2393 ⁃ Importer Custom Map Delete

  • #2449 ⁃ Person Alias for Persons Import