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v33 Hot Fixes

Hot Fixed applied post v33

Published 3.20.18
  • #3190 - HOT FIX - Items History - v33 broke the item history page and we were not recording history for an item updates. This has been resolved and the history of items being updated is correctly being recorded.

  • #3182 - HOT FIX - Data save issue - Some custom data forms were malformed and not properly saving data. You would have seen an error if this was a problem.

Published 3.16.18

  • #3170 - HOT FIX - Duplicate and Split no longer allow the user to save to location they don't have access

  • #3174 - HOT FIX - BS Grid customize options were not being saved.

  • #3171 - HOT FIX - Discrepancy report with a lot of items was really slow. Applied pagination.

  • #3169 - HOT FIX - Export to Excel column alignment fixed.