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v33 Release

Feature Releases

  • #2866 In the Scan section, when opening the page, if there are items in the list, you will be prompted to clear the list.

  • #2869 When using a Check-In transaction, you now have the option to return the item to its previous storage location. (#3111 and #3114 We are working on another update that will allow the user to see a list of items being checked in along with the actual previous location & putting a block in place when there are potential errors with the items).

  • #2922 The Person View page (person details) now has tabs for records related to this person (Add Items, Recovered By, Items Belonging To & Item Custodian).

  • #2939 Scan page will now allow you to scan Location barcode and populate the list with all items in that location.  This must be enabled in Settings > Organization.

  • #3033 The Item Belongs to field will now allow you to select any person in the system v/s just a person in that Case. This must be enabled in Settings > Organization.

Minor Features

  • #2935 Settings > Storage Locations will now show up to 500 locations as a default (vs 100).

  • #2724 In Settings > Organization > Auto Dispo, we will now show a list of cases being closed if you do a mass close.

  • #2828 Item view now shows full location path to an item (vs lowest level location).

  • #1647 When using Actions > Change Primary Case, we now default the ‘Remove Old Primary Case From Items’ checkbox to checked as a default.

  • #2982 Item Description field now breaks into several rows and cuts off at 200 characters.

  • #3018 When using a Date / Time field we have moved Time to the top to be selected first.

  • #2942 You can now change the Office (if you use offices) of a Case in Case Edit.

  • #2948 Control of media types in Settings > Organization. (#3114 We are working on another update that will allow you to add media types via the same interface, right now you can only remove media types).

  • #2919 Item Export now includes Items Belongs to field.

  • #2796 Data Import now shows progression bar for PreCheck.

  • #3032 Data Import > Items now supports Item Belongs To importing.

  • #2965 Data Import now shows row numbers in XLS when errors are produced.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #2367 SAML Update, if a user belongs to a group with SAML enabled, they are forced to login with SAML regardless of what Orgs or Offices they are viewing

  • Bug #2847 Widgets, any user with View access will be able to turn on any Widget in the Add Widget menu on Dashboard

  • Bug #2921 Change field order on Item entry page to match Case entry for Location field

  • Bug #2930 In Settings > Report Builder, you can now delete reports that have previous job runs.

  • Bug #2931 Sliders have been updated to be much friendlier to use

  • Bug #2944 Case History export is now working

  • Bug #2962 User Permissions - Can't remove permissions for a defaul toffice

  • Bug #2966 Details button in History Search results is not working

  • Bug #2970 Fix to Users are unable to save changes to task settings in Settings# => Organization due to the save button being disabled.

  • Bug #2975 Search > Notes will show for Read Only users

  • Bug #2984 Speed improvement to Tasks

  • Bug #3002 Fix to forbidden message on login if person does not have access to Tasks

  • Bug #3023 When displaying person info, even if Business name exists, we will still show First Name and Last Name

  • Bug #3034 Item Search > Org #, Between is fixed

  • Bug #3039 Fixed Item Belongs To Typeahead: case sensitivity

  • Bug #3040 More variables added to Settings > Organization > Person formatting (client need Alias field)

  • Bug #3041 Data importer will now allow a blank or null value for Offense Description

  • Bug #3047 BSGrid Display Status(Showing 1 to 3 of 3 Items) is not displayed in Advanced Search Items page.

  • Bug #3090 When editing a Case, Person or Item, you can now blank (remove values) from any date field and save as blank

  • Bug #3063 Export to CSV (selected items)