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Case Level Permissions

Case Level Permissions allow Org Admins to assign more granular permission controls to Users or Groups at the Case level. They also allow Cases to be hidden from all Users or Groups (except other Org Admins).

Basic Rules for Case Level Permissions

  1. Only Org Admin's can turn on a Case Level Permission.
  2. Org Admin account will automatically have access to all data in the Org, there is no way to restrict an Org Admin.
  3. Setting any Case Level Permissions will automatically replace any System level permissions. Case Level Permissions become the overriding Permission when applied. Therefore, if you apply Permissions at the Case level, you will need to grant Permissions to any Users or Groups outside of Org Admins that still need access.
  4. Turning on Permissions but setting no Users or Groups will grant access to only Org Admins.
  5. Case Level Permissions cannot be enabled if any of the following conditions is present within a Case:
    1. Any Item belong's to multiple Cases
    2. You try to add to Cases that are already restricted
    3. Any item is checked out to another Organization
    4. A Case or any Item is attached to a Task that already has other Case(s) or Item(s) attached to it. (Case Level Permissions policy prohibits a Task to have more than one entity as an attachment).

To view a short video on Case Level Permissions, click here: Case Level Permissions Video

Setting up Case Level Permissions on a Case

1. Bring up the Case you're interested in setting Permissions on and click the Permissions Tab (shown in gray).

2. You are on the Permissions Tab of the Case and may click the Edit box and move the "Access to case is restricted" slider to Yes. If done correctly, Yes will be highlighted in Blue.

3. You may now click in the Users, User Groups, and/or Groups fields and start choosing who you would like to grant access (to this Case) to.

Leave the Users, User Groups, and/or Groups fields blank/empty to make the Case available for Org Admins ONLY!

4. In this example, we have chosen to grant Mike and all Power Users, Read Only access.

As stated above, Case Level Permissions become the overriding Permission when applied.
In our example below, even though Mike is an Org Admin in our Agency, for this particular Case, he has been placed in the Read Only Users Group and will only have Read Only User Permissions as they relate ONLY to this specific Case. We also added Power Users and let them have Read Only access to this specific Case.

5. When you are finished adding Users, User Groups, and/or Groups to the Case, click Save.