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User Groups are for assigning Tasks to Groups of users.
When a Task is assigned to a group, all Users in the group will get the Task along with a notification email (if set in Settings > Organization (Tab)).

To create a User Group(s), click Settings \ User Groups. This will take you to the User Groups page.
From here you can Add, Edit, and Activate/Deactivate any User Groups that have been created.

Once a User Group has been created, there are 2 ways to Add Users to the Group.
You may Edit the User Group and start typing the name of a User in your Organization.
Once you see the User's name and email address, you may click on that to Add that User to the User Group and then click Ok.

Another way to Add Users to a User Group is via User Admin. Go to Settings > User Admin.
Select Users you would like to Add to a User Group, then go to Actions > Add to Group.

An Add to Group pop up window will then appear, where you can add the selected Users to a Group.

Users that are a part of a group will be shown in the User grid under the heading User Groups.