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If you are using multiple Offices within the software, you can now set different Security Groups for each Office for each user. The software allows Office based Permissions! This will allow you to set one level of permissions for a User in one Office and a different level of permissions in another Office. Perhaps a User that is a Power User in one of your offices needs to be a Read Only user in a different Office.

Note: The only reason to have multiple offices is if you want to separate access to Items or Locations.

For example, let’s say we have a Narcotics Office and a Property and Evidence Office. I want those Users defaulted to Narcotics to have Power User access (check in, check out, etc.) in the Narcotics office but I only want those users to be Read Only access when the items are in Property & Evidence. The Office based permissions will allow you control this scenario. When the item is in Narcotics, Users have Power User access. Once the item is moved to another Office or Org they will only have access that is granted in that Office or Org.

First, you need to set up your Offices (as shown in the previous chapter Settings \ Offices).

Go to Settings > Permission Groups and add any additional Permission Groups that you need. In most cases, the default options are more than enough.

Now that you have your Offices and Permission Groups, we can now attach Users to these Offices, specifying a Permission Group for each User.

Go to Settings > User Admin. The Groups tab will show current Permissions for each User. To modify these Permissions (or add Permissions) select User(s) in a list.

Go to Actions > Set Permissions. You are now on the Permissions Matrix page.

In this scenario, there are two Offices (Main and the Drug Task Force). The User is set as a Basic User in the Main Office, and a Read Only User in the Drug Task Force Office.