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Settings \ Organization \ On-Premise File Servers

The On-Premise File Servers Tab is used by Tracker IT and should NOT be modified in any way. The On-Premise file service can be used with our cloud-based SaaS product to store and manage Media files on-site. For example, video files such as body cam videos could remain on-site on a local storage disk, thereby eliminating the cloud storage fees for that particular data!

There are many pros and cons associated with this feature. The largest pro is the elimination of the cloud storage fees associated with the particular data that is stored on-premise. The largest con is that data is your Agency's or Organization's responsibility to back up.

To Add an On Premise File Server, first speak with Tracker IT who will assist you in filling in the required information.

Your On Premise File Server will then be added to the list.

If you are an Org. Admin, you may Delete an On Premise File Server from your list. However, once this is done, the file server will be Permanently Deleted.