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Introduction for Administrators


Welcome to the Reference Manual for Administrators. This document is fully accessible to our current and potential customers. Comments or suggestions can be sent to or by calling (866) 438-6565. You can also visit our website at for more information. We’re always here to help!

Support: Submitting a Support Ticket

Administrators may call the Tracker Products Support Team Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time with any questions you may have.
If it's outside of those normal business hours, an Administrator can submit support requests on our online ticket page.
To begin, go to and follow the instructions.

General Information: Overview

Software administrators should consult the following list of action items before any training is conducted. Some of the items on this list may require a role assignment that needs to be made.

1. Does your agency/department have at least 1 full-time technical person that handles your computers and network?

  • a. Please provide this person’s contact information. (Name, Title, Email, Phone Number and Cell Phone)

2. Who needs to view system information (other than the property room controller)?

3. Explain your current evidence process from collection to disposition.

  • a. How is evidence collected at the crime scene?
  • b. Is there a document that explains packaging standards?
  • c. How many forms are used for processing? (Submission, Lab)
  • d. How is evidence submitted to property room?
  • e. Explain your organization’s temporary locker process.
  • f. How do officers and courts request access to items?
  • g. How do you communicate with others about item disposition?
  • h. Who approves disposition of items?
  • i. How often are inventories scheduled to be completed?

4. How many units deal with evidence?

  • a. Do each of these departments use the same process for identifying a piece of evidence (i.e. case number, incident numbers, etc.)? In some cases, we have seen separate units assigning their own identifying number to an item and each unit tracking those numbers.

5. How do items get to the lab? Who drops them off?

6. Who is going to input items into the software system? Will it be an officer or the property/evidence custodian?

7. How many facilities do you use to store items? How many lockable rooms are in each of these facilities?

8. Who sets and approves all policies and procedures?