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Dashboard Icon and Creating Widgets

Nav Menu » Dashboard

1. Click Dashboard from the Nav Menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the Dashboard screen you can personalize by creating Widgets (shortcuts relating to saved searches), or by copying Widgets that have already been created by other Users.

2. You can customize/personalize this screen with multiple Widgets (shortcuts relating to saved searches) that will save you time by minimizing the need to perform repeated searches. Click the Add Widget box, then select from the drop-down menu of pre-made Widgets you want to add. You now have a personalized screen of Widgets (shortcuts/saved searches) to choose from. To ‘refresh’ a Widget, click the two arrows forming a circle in the Widget box. To rename a Widget, click the icon that looks like a star. Finally, to close a Widget, click the ‘x’ in the box of that particular Widget.

3. If none of the pre-made Widgets are what you require, you may create your own. From the Dashboard screen, do a Search on Cases, Items, or People. Enter your parameters and then click the Save box to Save that Search. Next, from your Dashboard, click the Add Widget box.

Then scroll down the list and click Statistics.

The Widget 1 box will then appear. Rename the Widget 1 box by clicking the icon that looks like a star, then give it a name of your choosing.

Next, click the blue circle with the plus symbol in it, and the Add Statistic page will appear.

Give your Statistic Widget a Title. Next, click the Saved Search field and choose from one of your saved searches. Then select a Field, Function and possibly Format and click Save (these will be auto-populated for you, so all you really need to do is click save). Your newly created Widget will then appear on your Dashboard. A Green checkmark denotes you’re seeing All Offices in your Organization. A Red checkmark denotes you’re not seeing All Offices in your Organization.

4. Any User can Copy another User’s Widgets by clicking the Add Widget box on their Dashboard, then selecting Copy User Widget.

Next, enter the Widget ID located in the top right-hand corner of your Widget box, and click OK.

A copy of that User’s Widget will then be on the Dashboard.

5. Once created, you may also choose to Save your custom-built Widget in the Add Widget box drop-down list of available Widgets by clicking the "+" in your Widget box.

Your Widget will then appear in the Add Widget, as a choice for everyone.

To remove/Delete your Widget from the Add Widget box, simply click the "-" in your Widget box.

6. Initially, a Widget is rather wide. To ‘scrunch’ your Widget, put your mouse cursor over the right edge of the Widget (until you see the double arrow), then click and drag to the left. Your Widget will then be smaller, allowing you to place more of them in the same space.

Before 'scrunching'

After 'scrunching'