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Merge two Persons

The scenario is pretty simple, you have two Persons in the system that are actually the same Person. You want to Merge the two contacts so that only one Person remains.

In this scenario, I have completed a Search > Persons and found three Persons with the name John Doe. Since these are actually just one Person, I want to Mergey them.

Note: You can only merge two people at a time.

To complete a Merge, you will select the Person that is the Person that is being merged into another Person and then go to Actions > Merge Into.

From here you will type in the Last Name of the Person that you are merging in to. Select the Person and then click Merge. This will merge the initially selected Person into this Person.

After confirming that you are Merging the Persons the persons will be merged.

The following will take place to all Source Person data after the Merge.

Basic Info:

  • Source person basic info is not applied to destination person
  • Source person addresses are applied to destination person
  • User accounts cannot be merged

Case Relationships:

  • Cases associated with source person are merged to destination person
  • A destination person whom is already on a case will not be duplicated and the case person type will not change

Item Relationships:

  • Items associated with source person will be merged to destination person
  • Item Belongs To, Custodian, and Recovered By properties are merged


  • Source person who is a Linked Object is merged into destination person


  • Source person medium meergedmerged into destination person


  • Source person notes are merged into destination person


  • Source person that is "Transfer To" for an item is merged into destination person

Saved Searches

  • All saved searches referencing source person are merged into destination person
  • Custodian (item search)
  • Recovered BY (item search)
  • Taken By (check out search)
  • Returned By (check-in search)
  • Transfer to (transfer search)

Custom Forms

  • Source person custom form data is merged into destination person