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SAFE Documentation Wiki


This documentation is designed to improve your overall experience with Tracker Products SAFE tracking software. Installation guides, suggestions for performing common functions, software updates and information on best practices can all be found in the files. If you are unable to locate information regarding a specific subject, please feel free to Contact the Tracker Products Support Team or by calling (866) 438-6565. We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

General User Information

SAFE Session Links to:(recorded lessons covering):

Advanced Searching, Tasks, Security Options (IP Whitelisting, MFA), Media and On-Premise File Servers, and Automatic Disposition

Software Features

System Updates

  • Sprint 30 Release on Thursday 11/16/2017 Details

Technical Information

Topaz Signature Pad - Model: T-S460-HSB-R

  • Installation Instructions - Details