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Release v31


  • Feature 2592 Merge contacts
  • Feature 2570 Copy reports from within the Report Builder
  • Feature 1966 Printing CoC is now showing legacy CoC

Merge People -

1.) Basic Info:

  • Source person basic info is not applied to destination person
  • Source person addresses are applied to destination person
  • User accounts cannot be merged

2.) Case Relationships:

  • Cases associated with source person are merged to destination person
  • A destination person whom is already on a case will not be duplicated and the case person type will not change

3.) Item Relationships:

  • Items associated with source person will be merged to destination person
  • Item Belongs To, Custodian, and Recovered By properties are merged

4.) Tasks:

  • Source person who is a Linked Object is merged into destination person

5.) Media:

  • Source person medium meerged into destination person

6.) Notes

  • Source person notes are merged inot destination person

7.) Transfers

  • Source person that is "Transfer To" for an item is merged into destination person

8.) Saved Searches

  • All saved searches referencing source person are merged into destination person
  • Custodian (item search)
  • Recovered BY (item search)
  • Taken By (check out search)
  • Returned By (check-in search)
  • Transfer to (transfer search)

9.) Custom Forms - Source person custom form data is merged into destination person