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v42 Release

Release Date Tuesday, August 21, 2018, at 4am ET
On-Prem clients can received by Sept 15, 2018.


  • #2844 ⁃ New Permissions for ToolsSettings ->> Permission Groups
    We have added three new permission options in the Permission Groups area. Admins now have the ability to assign access to Undispose, User Admin and Storage Locations"
    ElasticLocations. These Searchfunctions is a major feature to the system that should not be noticed other than the system is much faster. We are now storing all Case, Person and Item data in a system which allows for a much faster read than the native system.used

  1. 2958 ⁃ Undispose Permission
  2. 3033 ⁃ Remove hover in menus
  3. 2845 ⁃ Permissions for "Org Administration -> User Admin"

Bug Fixes

  • #2791 ⁃ Quotation Marks on Labels not appearing correctly (example "Descr" field)

  • #3044 ⁃ Preserve SAML Settings on On Premise Update       Please assign this card back to Sergey so he can email the status to the client

  • #2965 ⁃ Person View Bug       I can't even believe a client found this, but they did. Client found that if you remove 'View' from the Person list, you can't get it back to stay back. you can add again from options but when you leave and come back it won't stay.

  • #2988 ⁃ Medtronic - errored out twice when trying to export       "Sergey, this is listed as a hot fix but you can just roll this out with v42 but I need it fixed within v42 Hi. There seems to be something holding up completing exports without errors when using specific search criteria I ran a search for a column with a checkbox to look for items that have OUS checked. (image001.png) I get a good result I click to export All So far it’s errored out three times. The Excel file just says Undefined. (image004.png) Should I be doing something differently? Other search exports like all items within date range are completing without errors. "

  • #3009 ⁃ Location TYpeahead Permissions       The location typeahead permissions work fine when user types a search string (for exmaple "she" will return a filtered list of "Shelf" locations. However, doing a search with "/" does not return a filtered list of locations.

  • #3010 ⁃ Recent Cases Links in Nav Menu       The link for recent cases in nav menu are not working. Tested on APAC - console error here: It seems the case id being retireved is incorrect, starts at 1 and increments by 1 each time I try a recent case

  • #3013 ⁃ Forbidden message when adding a case       A non org admin user cannot add a case. Go to Add -> Case When entering a case number, a forbidden message appears even though user has appropriate perms. I have tested on APAC and my local dev-42 branch

  • #3018 ⁃ Forbidden access for Basic User, while creating new user.       Basic User having access to create new user, when he setting the permissions while creating the new user, Forbidden accesss page is displayed with error message "You do not have access type Update for modelType Users".

  • #3037 ⁃ User Verification Email       The user verification email contains a link to confirm the user email address. Some users are getting confused and trying to follow the link to the site. Let's remove the second link and lift the veil of confusion.

  • #2922 ⁃ SAML Authentication Error Handling       A client is getting this error: when trying to SAML-authenticate while the user for his account doesn't exist: Make sure debug error is not shown to a user, and instead, show "User doesn't exist in SAFE. Please create one." error message.

  • #3001 ⁃ Items Search: Status "na" on Secure       Items Search shows "na" for Status dropdown on Secure. See the screenshot: P.S. On APAC all is good(?):

  • #3056 ⁃ Mass Update Cases Error With ES       Mass Update of Cases produces the following error : 【 image https://