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Cloning a Form, Label, or Report

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SAFE allows you to Clone Reports if you know the Barcode number of the Report.

You must first highlight the Barcode number with your mouse. Next, right-click your mouse (while the pointer is over the Barcode number you just highlighted) and select Copy.

Finally, click the Clone box, then right click your mouse while the pointer is in the Enter Barcode field and select paste to paste the Barcode number and click OK.

The Report will then be Cloned into your list of available Reports to use.

Here is a list of Forms, Labels and Reports with their Barcode Numbers you may find useful:

Report Type Report Description Report ID Provided By
Label 4x1.5 Primary Label 750793dd-8930-45ff-9bda-d97d3aa3a760 Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Label 4x3 Primary Label 789b5d64-d8ba-4230-aabe-b0cec2aa367e Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Report Chain of Custody Report e7af59ac-3e9c-4994-995a-66835835bb67 Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Label Container Label 2d55f940-5f59-4828-8234-9d2df59f802d Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Report Disposal List Report d76a66c9-f21d-4019-9cc0-39dd5deb37ac Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Form Item Submission Form 93fe3920-6ff3-4bd4-8d76-edf97ade1520 Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Form Property Release Form 43f2e8a2-d240-4572-b659-20ed09c9609a Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)
Form Transfer Receipt / Acceptance Form e9e5d93b-d764-4ca2-9c50-f82b8a058434 Rob D'Costa (Tracker Products)

To view these Forms, Labels, and Reports, click here