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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I do a search for all cases belonging to a specific user?

A: Go to Search > Cases. Enter the name of the user in one of the search fields, typically Case Officer, and then click search. This will bring up a list of all cases where this user is the case officer

Mass Update

Q: How do I change all Cases belonging to a specific user?

A: The easiest way is to do a search (Case > Search) where Case Officer equals the specific user you are looking for. Select the cases (checkbox on the left) for all cases you want to update and then go to Actions > Mass Update. Select the case officer field and change to the Case Officer you want to replace with.

Auto Disposition

Q: If an active case comes up for review but that User (Case Officer) is no longer with us and his profile has been disabled, where will SAFE send his case review notification?

A: Even if the user is inactive it will still send a notice to that user. You need to change the Case Officer to another user. You can do a search for all cases belonging to this user and Mass Update them to another user.