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Release v31

Version 31 Release

Release Date Tuesday December 12, 2017 at 5am ET


Feature 2592 - Merge contacts
  • Feature 2570 - Clone Report.Report

    Copy reports from within the Report Builder
  • Feature 2875 - Add "Custom Data Form" to Mass update

    You can now mass add Custom Forms by selecting items and going to Actions > Mass Add Custom Forms.

    Feature 1966 - Printing CoC is now showing legacy CoC

  • Bug Fixes or Minor Changes

      • 2889 Minor Feature #2889 - SAML UI. SAML has been a support feature in our system but we did not have a UI for client entering their information. This is now an option in Settings > Organization > SAML.
        1. Bug 2889 - Disallow login with tied to SAML connector.
        2. Minor Feature 2897 - Add an All option for Tasks. When viewing tasks in Case or Item view, we now show All tasks as a default option. You can select only Open or Closed tasks from there.

        1. Minor Feature 2871 - Item View Scan History - make Discrepancy Report active link. When viewing an Item, the Scan History tab will now show all discrepancies back to the corresponding Discrepancy Report.

        1. Minor Feature 2899 - Address details on reports. reports
          When building a Report in Settings > Report Builder, this is now an option to add details of a Persons address such as Address, City, State and Zip.

        1. 2875 -Minor AddFeature "Custom Data Form" to Mass update. You can now mass add Custom Forms by selecting items and going to Actions > Mass Add Custom Forms.

        1. 2904 - API endpoint for seq org item history id.

        1. 2901 -Bug MergeFix People History (mongo, API only).

        1. 2872 - Remove "Import Report" section of report builder. This area did not work so we removed it.

        1. Bug Fix 2887 - Auto Dispo cases with no review dates.

        1. Bug Fix 2879 - Permissions for shared custom forms.

      Merge People -

      1.) Basic Info:

      • Source person basic info is not applied to destination person
      • Source person addresses are applied to destination person
      • User accounts cannot be merged

      2.) Case Relationships:

      • Cases associated with source person are merged to destination person
      • A destination person whom is already on a case will not be duplicated and the case person type will not change

      3.) Item Relationships:

      • Items associated with source person will be merged to destination person
      • Item Belongs To, Custodian, and Recovered By properties are merged

      4.) Tasks:

      • Source person who is a Linked Object is merged into destination person

      5.) Media:

      • Source person medium meerged into destination person

      6.) Notes

      • Source person notes are merged inot destination person

      7.) Transfers

      • Source person that is "Transfer To" for an item is merged into destination person

      8.) Saved Searches

      • All saved searches referencing source person are merged into destination person
      • Custodian (item search)
      • Recovered BY (item search)
      • Taken By (check out search)
      • Returned By (check-in search)
      • Transfer to (transfer search)

      9.) Custom Forms - Source person custom form data is merged into destination person