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Version 100


Client Requests

Hot Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • #11256 ⁃ Regular User is able to Attach objects to the Task having no Permissions
  • #11476 ⁃ Custom Form Fields - Old values/options are not updated on the Search grid after editing the Custom form
  • #11663 ⁃ Regular User, having 'View - If owner' permission for Notes, is able to see Person Notes that belong to another User
  • #11715 ⁃ [Custom Forms] 'User', 'Person' and 'Dropdown Typeahead' fields cannot be set as 'Required'
  • #11773 ⁃ Item descriptions not showing up in Discrepancy Reports
  • #11823 ⁃ [Exporter] Error when exporting items that have 'Person' or 'Dropdown typeahead' custom fields
  • #11824 ⁃ [Workflows] 'User' and 'Person' custom form fields cannot be used as Matching Criteria
  • #11829 ⁃ Custodians are not returned when sorting by Custom Form column
  • #11830 ⁃ [Workflows] Emails don't arrive when setting a 'Matching Criteria Custom Fields'
  • #11947 ⁃ Empty value is shown on Custom Form with User's field [Export ALL - csv]
  • #12205 ⁃ Error on Person view page when Adding Person to the Case/System

DEV Requests/Updates