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Checking an Item Out

Choose any item(s) you wish to Check Out by selecting your item(s), and choosing Check Item(s) Out from the Action menu (make sure the item isn’t currently checked out by looking under Status). The Check Out Items screen will then appear.

Fields on the Check Out Items Screen

Taken By - Type the name of the Person who is taking the Item. This field will remain red unless the person returning the item has a valid email address in the system. This is a Required field.

Reason - What is the reason for taking the Item? This is a Required field.

Notes - You can type notes in this field.

Expected Return Date - Enter a date and time you expect the Item to be returned by.

Signature - When checking out an item, you must sign your name in this field via Touch Screen, Topaz Signature Pad (if either of those options are enabled by your administrator), or simply signing via mouse to maintain the Chain of Custody. This is a Required field.