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Click the Scan Icon from the Nav Menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the Scan Items screen. You may Scan Item(s), Storage Location/Container Barcodes, Serial Numbers or manually enter a barcode(s). The software will let you know how many items you have scanned so far. From the Scan screen, you may choose to have your Scanned Items appear at the Top or Bottom of the list by clicking the appropriate radial button (Add To Top or Add To Bottom). Once you have scanned your Items, you can do a Mass Disposal of Items – Drugs for example, or you could Check Out numerous Items at once. Simply select the Items you're interested in, then click the Actions box and make a selection.

To view an individual Item, click the View box next to the Item you’re interested in looking at to bring up that particular Item's information. Otherwise, you may highlight the Item(s) you’re interested in by clicking the checkbox (to the left of View) and then choose from the Actions, Reports, or Export menus. You may also choose to customize your personal view by clicking Menu Customization.

Click Mass Import List to bring up a text area box.
You can now type or paste many barcodes into this box for mass population of Items to the Scan screen.
When you are finished, click Save to have the barcodes populated.

After scanning and selecting at least 1 Item from the Actions menu, you can choose from a variety of functions such as Move the Item (to a more permanent Storage Location inside your evidence room, or Checking the Item out etc.

If you would like to run a Report or Print a Label, on the Item(s) you just scanned, click the Reports box to bring up a list of Reports or Labels you can choose from.

Clicking the Export box will allow you to Export All your Items, or Items you Select to a .csv (comma separated value) file which can be read by Microsoft Excel.

Clicking on Menu Customization will allow you to customize your own Personal View.

Under Views, if you click Duplicate Selected, it will duplicate the page you're currently viewing. Give the 'new view' a required Name. You may then customize it however you wish.

To customize your current view, simply hover over the Options field and check/uncheck the options relating to Column Headers you wish to turn on/off.

If you have created Custom Data (Forms) with Custom Fields and attached them to Cases, you may view those Fields as Column Headers by hovering over Custom Data (Forms) and check/uncheck the options relating to Column Headers you wish to turn on/off. If you don’t want a column displayed, click on its name and it will be removed (not permanently) from the list. It will also be shown with an 'x' next to it.

Scanning Items from another Office or Organization

In the Scan area, you may also Check an Item Out from one Office or Org and Check that Item into another Office or Org. To do that, first Check out an Item. Next switch Offices or Orgs then go to the Scan area. If that Item is from another Office or Org, to the right of Barcodes Scanned, select System from the selectable list. You may then type or Scan the Barcode(s) of the Item(s).

Scanning and Moving Containers

From the Scan page, scan a Storage Location/Container barcode.
You may then click the Containers Tab to view.

Select your Container by clicking the checkbox in its row and then click the Actions box to make a selection.

If you click Move Container, the Move Container pop-up will appear.
Simply enter a Destination Office and Location and click Save.

If you click Checkout Container Items, the Check Out Items pop-up will appear.
Simply enter who the Items will be Checked Out To, etc., and click Ok.

If you click Dispose Container Items, the Item Disposal pop-up will appear.
Simply enter the required Method, and any other fields you'd like, and click Ok.

Finally, if you navigate away from the Scan area and return, if you have previously scanned Items, the system will display your list of previously scanned Items and ask if you would like to clear the list.