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Search \ Item View \ Item \ Tasks Tab

On the Item View page, under the Tasks tab, you will see Tasks associated with the particular Item you have brought up if there are any.
You also have the option of searching by Open or Closed Tasks as well as Adding Tasks to the Item etc.

If you click the Add Task box, you will be prompted to fill out additional information to create a Task.
At this point, at the Item View, only the Case will be linked. You will have to link Individual Items.

The easiest way to Add Items to Tasks is from the Case View \ Items Tab.
From there, simply select the Items you're interested in, click the Actions box and then click Add to Task.

After clicking Add to Task you will be shown this pop-up where you can choose a New Task (default) and then click Create Task.

Anything with a red asterisk is Required. You may fill in a Title, Message, and Assign Users.
The Items you selected earlier (from the Case View, Items Tab will be automatically linked to the Task.

Click Save when finished.

Now, from the Item View, you will see any Tasks attached.
On the Tasks Tab, note the gray circle with a number 3 in it. Those are the number of Tasks attached to that particular Item.

Clicking the Tasks Tab will show all the Tasks attached to that Item and what state they're in (Open or Closed).
If you click the Details box, you will see the Task.

After clicking the Details box, the first tab in the Task you're shown is the Basic Info tab, where you can see who the Task is Assigned to etc.
Other tabs include Cases, Items, People, and Media.
From the Basic Info tab, you can add a Note (light blue outlined box shown below) which will go to whomever is in the Assigned to field.
You may carry on a back and forth conversation within the software this way making email unnecessary.
No Tasks can ever be Deleted, therefore, a record of the conversation will always be kept.