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Edit OrgID or ItemID Numbers

Whenever an Item is created in the system, the system automatically assigns an OrgID and ItemID to each entry.

OrgID The OrgID is a uniquely assigned number that is applied to every item ever entered in ascending order. So if you have 1,000 items in your system, then next OrgID will be 1,001 and so on.

ItemID The ItemID is a uniquely assigned number that is applied to every item within a Case. So the first item in a case is #1 and the second is #2 and so on.

It is possible, especially for new users, that an OrgID and ItemID are the same. In fact, the very first item ever entered into your system will be OrgID 1 and ItemID 1.

Once the ID is generated and applied to an item, only an Org Admin can modify the values. This is generally never a problem unless you are moving items from one case to another. While moving the items will never cause an issue with the OrgID, it is possible to move two item #1's into the same case.

Changing a OrgID or ItemID
To change either of these values, simply edit the item.

From the edit menu, you can now apply a new value to either item.

Should you select an Org or Item ID that is already in use, you will be prompted with a warning. You may choose to Proceed and the system will allow the edit but it is highly suggested you click 'modify' and change the values to something that is unique.

Why the Item ID cannot be on the Item Entry Page
Unfortunately, the item ID cannot be displayed on the Item Entry Page. The item ID is assigned to an item after the item is created. When you save an item, the software finds the next available item ID for that case and generates the item ID at that time.

Note: Modifying an Org or Item ID should be done with extreme caution. Creating gaps in the numbering of these variables can have unintended consequences.