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In the Case View Section, under the Media tab, you will see Media associated with the particular Case you have brought up if there is any.
There are 3 circles on the Media tab. The first denotes Media at the Case Level, the second denotes Media at the Item Level, and the third denotes Media at the Transaction Level.

If there is no Media associated with the Case, you have the option of Uploading Media to the Case by clicking the Add box.

Next, click the Upload Files box, and choose or Drag and Drop your files into the marked box. Once your Media has been uploaded, it will be shown below.

Clicking the Thumbnail of the Media allows you to see the image associated with it.

If you click the checkbox to the far left of any Media, you may then click the Actions box for more options.

After clicking on the Actions box (and having the appropriate level of permissions), you will then be given the option to Delete or Permanently Delete the Media associated with this particular case.

Rarely do you ever want to 'delete' anything from the system. However, deleting an actual media payload file may eventually become necessary as you don't want to continue to take up server hard drive space especially with larger files. You may want to do this if you reach your storage limit and no longer need Media associated with closed Cases.

All files listed in the Case or Item 'Media' section are now able to be deleted. With the proper permissions, you can select the files that you want to delete and click Actions > Delete Media. This action will only delete the actual media payload file and thumbnail file. All other metadata information including records of who deleted the file will be preserved.

Note: Deleting files will prompt a confirm message which notifies the User that the Deleted Files cannot be recovered! This is for real, the actual payload file is not recoverable if deleted! Anyone with the ability to Update Media in Settings \ Security, is able to delete the media payload and thumbnail file.

After clicking Delete, the following message will appear.

Or, if you chose Permanently Delete from the Actions menu, this message will appear.

Note: Once you Delete any Media, the files will be Permanently Deleted, and Completely Unrecoverable! Deleted Media will then be designated by a white “X” with a red background as shown below.

A useful feature from the Cases View is being able to Mass Update Media. Simply check the checkbox for the Media you’re interested in.
Next, click the Actions Box, and finally click Mass Update. A Mass Update Medium pop up window will then appear.
You may now Mass Update the Category and/or Description(s) of the Media Item(s).

Another useful feature from the Case View is being able to Move Media to another Case or Item. Simply check the checkbox for the Media you’re interested in.
Next, click the Actions Box, and finally click Move. A Move Media pop up window will then appear. You may now Move the Media to another Case or Item.

More information regarding Media can be found by listening to our webinar:
SAFE Sessions 3 - Media and On-Premise File Server @