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Search \ Case \ Items Tab \ Export Box

In the Case View Section, under the Items tab, click the Export box to export information on any item(s) you’ve chosen.
Clicking the Export box will allow you to export all your Cases, or Cases you Select to either a .csv (comma separated value) file, or directly to a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx).

After making a Selection, you'll be taken to the Export Jobs page where you job will be either Queued or In progress.

You may click the Refresh icon (to the right of the Menu Customization box to get the current status of your Export Job.

When your Export Job is Complete, click the word Download in the Download Link column to save the file to your computer.

You may now open the file you just saved with Microsoft Excel and manipulate it however you would like.

If you are experiencing issues with Case Number data being exported incorrectly, please see the following link: .csv Import File Instructions