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Splitting Items

Why Split Items? Say you have a backpack full of various items, some of which need to be sent to the lab for analysis. Or, you’ve taken an image of a computer hard drive and would like to maintain the Chain of Custody relating to the Original Item. To show, maintain, and preserve the Chain of Custody relating to the Original Item, you can Split the Item (multiple times if needed). Splitting an Item will show that “parent/child” relationship. The Split creates a new Item and indicates that it came from the parent by adding a period after the (parent) Item number. For example, if you split Item #3, the split Item would be #3.1

Any User may Split an Item after initial Item Entry by clicking Save & Split the Item.

You can also Split an Item(s) from the Case View \ Items tab by highlighting the Item(s) (click the checkbox to the left of View), then choose Split from the Actions menu.

This will take you to the Add Item page where the software has made a duplicate of the information from the Original Item (some of which is changeable such as the Description, highlighted in blue).

The User will then be Required to Confirm Item Split.

Once done, the software will provide the Split Item with a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier which is a unique 128-bit integer number).
The GUID is/corresponds to the barcode ID for an Item.

(Note: A common mistake in the software is creating too many items when splitting existing items.
Emphasize to your users they need to pay close attention when splitting items to avoid creating too many new items.)

If you clicked Save & View Item, you will now be on the Item View page. Click the Cases Tab, then click View (to View the Case with the Item you just Split).
Next, on the Case View screen, click the Items Tab. You will now see the Item you just Split.

In the Split Column, the single/parent icon

denotes the Original Item, while the multiple/child icon
denotes the Split Item. If you have one Split, only 1 parent and 1 child icon will appear. In the example below, a Split Item (Fingerprints taken from the Huffy bike) was Split from the the ‘1 Huffy bike’ and is shown by the multiple/child icon . Another indicator that an Item was Split is shown in the Item # column, as the Split Item now shows Item # 1.1

When splitting items, it can be useful to include (in the description field) what the item was split from.

Clicking either the parent or the child item Icon will reveal the Org # and a partial description of either the child or parent Items.