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Duplicating Items

Any User may Duplicate an Item after initial Item Entry by clicking Save & Duplicate the Item.

The Duplicate feature can also be found under the Case View \ Items Tab in the Actions menu (box) and can streamline the Item entry process.
Users can Duplicate previously created items to make new items. You can also edit newly created duplicated items before submitting them.
This option removes the need to retype the same information over and over into the system.

To Duplicate an Item, highlight one item you wish to copy, then choose Duplicate from the Actions menu.

This will take you to the Add Item screen where you may now change the Category if you wish.

When you are finished choosing a Category, you will be taken to the Add Item page where the software has made a duplicate of the information from this Item (some of which is changeable such as Description, highlighted in blue).

The User will then be Required to Confirm Item Duplication.

Once done, the software will provide the duplicate with a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier which is a unique 128-bit integer number).
The GUID is/corresponds to the barcode ID for an Item.

(Note: A common mistake in the software is creating too many items when duplicating existing items.
Emphasize to your users they need to pay close attention when duplicating items to avoid creating too many new items.)