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Item Disposition

If you have appropriate Permissions and wish to Dispose of an Item(s), to have an accurate Chain of Custody, follow steps 1 through 9, OR you may proceed directly to Step 10.

From either the Case View Items tab or the Scan area of the software:

1. Choose the Items you're interested in Disposing of
2. Click the Actions Box
3. Click Check Items Out

Case View

Scan Area

4. Next, fill in the appropriate information and for the Reason, choose Taken for Disposal. You may also wish to sign (with your mouse for example).

5. The Items will now appear as being Checked Out. You may now click the Reports Box and choose the Disposal List report.

6. A Disposal List report will then be generated with some basic information, including the 2D barcode, Case #, Item #, Org #, and Description.

7. Upon Verification the Items have now been disposed of, you can scan the barcodes from your Disposal List report in the Scan area of the software.
Next, click the Actions Box and choose Dispose Items.

8. You may wish to fill in the appropriate information with who the Item(s) were actually Disposed By (if not the logged-in User) as well as if there was a Disposal Witness.
You may also add a Method of disposal, and some Notes stating the Items have been VERIFIED as being Disposed of for example.

The Actual Disposed Date field allows you to enter the date the Items were actually Disposed.
Whether you are formally Disposing Items now, even though they were Disposed of in the past.
Or, whether you are Disposing Items now, and plan to actually Dispose of them in the future.
This field is not shown on a Chain of Custody Report by Default, but may be added to that Report and/or also added to an Item View from the Options Menu if desired.

Once the Actual Disposed Date has been entered, it cannot be changed.

At the time you perform a Disposition, that date will be recorded by SAFE automatically as the Dispose Date and cannot be changed either.

You may now sign via a mouse or Topaz Signature Pad (SAFE supports the Topaz Signature Pad (T-S460-HSB-R)
if Touch Screen has been set up by your Administrator in the Org Settings.

Your Item(s) will then appear (in red) as being Disposed of.

9. Your Chain of Custody report will now very accurately portray what has been done with these/this Item(s).

10. If you would like to forgo Checking Items Out and not use the reason Taken for Disposal, you may immediately Dispose of any Items by selecting them and then simply clicking the Actions box and then Dispose Items. At that point, you may proceed from #8 (shown above) onward.

Fields on the Item Disposal Screen

Disposed By - This is the person currently logged into the software who is disposing of the Item.

Method - This will state how the Item was disposed of. Click anywhere in the Method field to bring up a list of choices. This is a Required field.

Notes - You can type notes in this field.

Signature - Anyone disposing of an item must provide a signature (via Touch Screen, Topaz Signature Pad (if either of those options are enabled by your administrator), or simply signing via mouse to maintain the Chain of Custody. This is a Required field.

11. So what happens if/when you Dispose of Items within a Container?
The Item row will be displayed in red and underneath the Storage Location column header, the last known Storage Location for that Item within it's Container will be displayed.