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Moving an Item

You may also choose Move Item(s) from the Actions menu. This will bring up the Move Item(s) screen.
You can now Move Items that are currently ‘Checked In’ from one Storage Location to another such as from a temporary locker to a safe, for example.
Simply type a Required Location the Item will be moving to, and sign your name (also Required if you click Touch Screen or Topaz Signature Pad if that is installed) and click Ok.

Fields on the Move Item(s) Screen

Moved By - Shows the name of the person currently logged into the software who is moving the Item.

Location - This is where the Item will be moved to. This may be a Temporary Locker, a box on a shelf in your evidence room, or a safe, for example. This is a Required field.

Notes - You can type notes in this field.

Signature - When moving an item, you must sign your name in this field (via clicking Touch Screen or Topaz Signature Pad (if either of those options are enabled by your administrator), or simply signing via mouse to maintain the Chain of Custody. This is a Required field if selected.