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Checking an Item In

Choose any item(s) you wish to Check-In by selecting your item(s), and choosing Check Item(s) In from the Actions menu (make sure the item isn’t currently checked in by looking under Status). This will bring up the Check-In Items screen. Perhaps this item is being returned from a court case, for example.
To Check Items in from another Office or Org, see the Scan section.

Fields on the Check In Items Screen

Returned By - Type the name of the Person who returned the Item. This field will remain red unless the person returning the item has a valid email address in the system. This is a Required field.

Use Previous Location - Check this box if you would like to use the Last/Previous Storage Location this Item was stored in.

Location - This is where the Item will be placed. This may be a Temporary Locker, a box on a shelf in your evidence room, or a safe, for example. This is a Required field.

Note - You can type a note in this field.

Signature - Anyone checking in an item should provide a signature via Touch Screen, Topaz Signature Pad (if either of those options are enabled by your administrator), or simply signing via mouse to maintain the Chain of Custody. This is a Required field.