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In the Case View Section, under the Items tab, you will see Items (with their information) associated with the particular case you have brought up.
You may Add Items to the case you brought up by clicking the Add Item box and filling in any Required information (as discussed in the Creating an Item section).

All item lists now show color depending on the status of the item.
Black = Checked In / Dark Yellow = Checked Out / Red = Disposed

If you would like to customize your Items tab view, click the Menu Customization box and check/uncheck the Column headers.
This will allow you to personalize your view. Once removed, you can always 'put back' line column headers if you deem it necessary.

You may further customize your Items tab view or an Item List by clicking any column header and 'dragging' it to the left or right, thereby changing the order of the columns.

The Office column header was removed by clicking the blue 'x' in that column header and the column headers were also rearranged.

You may also use the Multi-Sort function to Sort by multiple columns.

By clicking Add Another Sort Column, you may choose another column on which to Sort.